1. Moin Moin Leaves
  2. Beans
  3. Water
  4. Pepper (Ground or Fresh)
  5. Salt (to taste)
  6. Seasoning Cubes
  7. Dried Fish (Optional)
  8. Eggs (Optional)
  9. Shrimps (Optional)
  10. Onions (Optional)

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1. Submerge the leaves in water and wash properly with a clean sponge.

2. Trim off the stem with a pair of scissors

Image from WhatsApp

3. Gently break the stem part in between the leaves half way (like every 1 inch apart)

4. Place 2 leaves on each other holding them with your left palm

Image from WhatsApp

5. Fold the left end part of the leaves, make a cone like-wrap just once (make sure the end of the folded cone is closed).

Image from WhatsApp

6. Still holding with your left palm, now use the right part of the leaves to wrap around the left cone. making sure you wrap the left cone ends tightly.

Image from WhatsApp
Image from WhatsApp

7. Hold the cone with your left palm and make a dent with your hand just above the ends of the cone

8. Bend the end backwards away from you

Image from WhatsApp

9. Holding firmly with your left palm, use your right hand to scoop in the beans mix into the wrapped leaves (make sure the beans does not go above the short wrapped part of the leaves facing you to avoid spillage)

Image from WhatsApp

10. Add the condiments you choose from Ingredients 7-10 or anything else you like.

Image from WhatsApp

11. Still holding the wrapped leaf with your left palm firmly, bend the top left end of the leaves into the right.

12. Bend in the right top part of the leaves to the left so that they are on the left end.

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13. Finally, make a dent holding both top ends just above the beans filling and bend backwards

Image from WhatsApp

14. Place on a deep pot lined with leaves

Image from WhatsApp

15. Repeat steps 1-14 until you are done with the beans mixture.

Image from WhatsApp

15. Add boiling water carefully to the pot.

Image from WhatsApp

16. Cover the top with the Moin Moin leaves to trap in the steam and leave flavor.

Image from WhatsApp

17. Cover the pot with the lid.

Image from WhatsApp

18. Leave to cook for 45-50minutes.

Image from WhatsApp

19. Make your Moin Moin and share with us or post with the hashtags #TTMFoodStore, #FoodMattersNG, #LetsLearnNigeria or #LetsLearnNaija and we’ll be happy to repost.

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