• Goat Meat
  • Ogbono
  • Ugwu leaves
  • Scent pepper/Cameroon pepper
  • Dry fish
  • Ponmo
  • Palm Oil
  • Cray fish
  • Stock fish
  • Seasoning cubes
Ogbono is ready


  • Clean the ponmo, dry fish and put them in separate bowls
  • Wash the ponmo with salt
  • Wash the goat meat
  • Steam the goat meat. Add the salt and seasoning cubes. Don’t add thyme, curry leaves etc.
  • When the goat meat is nearly tender, add the ponmo and the crayfish
  • Add the dry fish and allow the mixture boil for 3 minutes
  • Add a little scent pepper for the aroma and for taste
  • Mix the blended Ogbono with palm oil in a bowl till you make a paste
  • Add the Ogbono paste to the pot with the goat meat / ponmo /crayfish / dry fish mixture and leave the pot uncovered.
  • Add the washed Ugwu leaves and heat the mixture for 5 minutes
  • Serve the Ogbono soup

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