Flavours, Essence and Extracts in Cake Baking

Fasanya Oluyinka

There are various kinds of cakes and the flavour used in each is what gives the difference! We taste a cake and we shout “waoooooh” and we taste ours and we feel we are amateurs.

Flavours /Essence/Extracts give the baked cake a unique taste that makes it very appealing to the mouth if only used rightly.

We have the mild tasting flavours eg Vanilla, Condensed Milk, Butterscotch, Milk Zest, butter which are best for plain cakes.

The are tea tasting flavours too that are best suitable for Chocolate Cakes eg Coffee, Chocolate.

Also,we have sweet velvety flavours good for our red velvet cakes eg, Tuttifrutti, Strawberry, Raspberry…

Moreover, there are flavours perfect for what their name implies e.g. banana flavour is best for banana cakes; orange flavour is best for orange cakes; coconut flavour is best for coconut cakes.

Cake Extracts.

Cake Extracts give you the perfect taste for your cakes but you cannot compare the taste to Essence.

Extracts are gotten from Nuts, herbs and soaked in Alcohol.

Now, we have the normal flavour which is what is mostly used in Nigeria.They are artificially made and less concentrated. It doesn’t really give you the very rich cake taste and they are generally less expensive. e.g Renairs, Foster Clark that we buy from the market.

Oluyinka Fasanya gives baking tips

Lastly, we have powdered Flavours. I won’t recommend this for any baker because they don’t give a rich tasting cake at all.They are very cheap in the market.

One secret of having a heavenly tasting cake is using more than one type of flavour for our cakes.

Eg, for plain cakes which is mild in taste, we can mix vanilla flavour with condensed milk flavour and a little drop of butter flavour. Try it and thank me later!

For fruit cakes, you can mix Mixed Fruit with Lemon flavour and a small drop of almond flavour. You won’t regret it.

It is important you don’t use harsh tasting flavour in mild tasting cakes or vice versa

It is also important that you just don’t use any type of flavour you have at your disposal for your cakes to have the best results.

Now to break it down for easy understanding of what I have been teaching:

Types of flavor that goes together
*Vanilla and butterscotch
*Vanilla and condensed milk
*Vanilla and evaporated milk
*Vanilla and banana
*Strawberry and condensed milk
*Butterscotch and condensed milk
*Banana and condensed milk
*Vanilla and lemon
Condensed milk+ banana
Vanilla+ butterscotch+ chocolate
VANILLA+ milk fantasy+ butterscotch
Vanilla + milk emulsion
Vanilla +strawberry is bomb for strawberry cake
Rather than the normal strawberry

Vanilla+redvelvet for redvelvet
Chocolate +cofee for chocolate
Vanilla +milk zest😋😋
Coconut + Banana

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