TTM Lifestyle Blogs asked:

As we prepare to celebrate Father’s Day this Sunday, tell us the life lessons you’ve learnt from your Dad.

We got the wonderful responses below.

Omo Baba Joris

Baba Joris taught me CONTENTMENT, He told me several times not to have an evil mind towards people or cheat them. He told me that even when people cheat me or do evil to me, I should just smile and hand them over to God.

My father was a fantastic man. He and my mum trained us well.


Honesty and humility, to be prayerful in all situation and be contented, never wish to be another and never expect anything from someone else.


So many things o

He taught me what a man can do a lady can even do better

He taught me to humble, gentle and also be prayer and be giving to the needy because you are better off than other people.


The love and fear of God.

Fear of God, honesty, faithfulness, loving everybody you come across, helping those in need and be responsible at home.


Always says and stay with the truth
“Be honest Nike” one of his words.

Hardwork, Family, Integrity. Over and over again.

Never let your family go hungry for any reason. My dad can chew gum as food just to make sure we eat.


Humility, love and contentment….. patience and above all to put God first. No jokes, he is really a God sent.

Think outside the box


Hard work pay and work smart never follow shortcuts. You can never say you have patience if you have not married a woman and stayed together forever.
It’s a lot jare. Baba Eleran is the best father in the world.


Hardworking, patience, perseverance, contentment ND most of all fear of God

Chidimma N

Tell the truth no matter the situation.
Be contented with the little you have.
Read wide etc

Mary O

My dad of blessed memory is a man that fears God in all his dealings, loving,dedicated to see anyone achieve success in life’s endeavor. And he is a giver to the core to God’s work and people. May his soul continue to rest in peace.I miss this rear MOG

Olu O

Perfect finishing. Integrity. Men come after a successful woman and vice versa.

Halimah A

My main man💕💕💕💕
He’s taught me basically everything asides cooking but most importantly be the best you can be at all times.

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