Lipton Nigeria

Moin moin is great for breakfast.

Here’s a recipe for some delicious moin moin:


  • 300g Beans
  • 65ml Water
  • 75g Onions
  • 10g Pepper (Ata Rodo)
  • 40g Pepper (Tatashe)
  • 120ml Palm oil
  • 100g Blue Band Margarine Original
  • 2 medium Eggs
  • 100g Fresh Shrimps
  • 2 tablespoon Crayfish
  • 4 cubes Royco
  • Pinch Salt to taste
  • Wrapping leaves, foil paper or small plastic bowls for steaming
Delicious Moin Moin

Preparation Method:

  1. Soak the beans in cold water and remove the skin.
  2. Ground together the skinned beans, onions, and fresh peppers.
  3. Dissolve salt, crayfish and Royco in hot water and set aside, add to batter once cooled.
  4. Mix well in mixing bowl with wooden spoon till light and creamy with the mixed warm water.
  5. Bleach the palm oil, set to cool, mix together with melted butter.
  6. Heat oil in pan, add onion and stir, add chopped shrimp and salt. Stir till cooked
  7. Add the warm oil with the shrimps and the well beaten eggs.
  8. Add 4 cups of water to a large pot, set on medium heat
  9. Place the mixture of about 3 tablespoonful of the mixed batter in the wrapping leaves or foil paper and fold securely or use plastic bowl
  10. Arrange in a pot and allow to steam for about one hour
  11. Take a #foodfie, post on your social media accounts and tag @ttmfoodstore (on Instagram and Twitter)

Serve hot with a hot cup of Lipton to wash it down!


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