If, like me, you are tired of the one-sided and often unsolicited relationship advice that women have to deal with daily, I bring you a breath of fresh air.

Here are a few marriage tips for men from Dr. Joe Abah.

Feel free to share so we can have better male partners in marriages.

  1. First of all, introductions…
We can say 27 years now in 2019.

2. Don’t argue with your woman about colours. Just don’t. 😂

3. To avoid #WorldWar3 😂

4. To avoid stories that touch

5. Trust him, he is a doctor 🤣

6. Make yourself useful around the house

7. Take domestic violence out of the equation.

8. To avoid #WorldWar4 😂

9. Show her that you love her

10. All the best with balancing this equation. This is the Almighty Formula sha.

11. Cooking for her says more than whatever words of love and affection you can ever come up with.

12. Cleave to your wife, my brother

13. Support your wife’s work. Seriously

14. Support your wife’s business

All the best as you contribute your quota to a marriage worth celebrating.


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