Solomon had met the woman of his dreams. Funke was all that his heart ever desired. All he needed to have a great night rest was to see her smile.

Funke was not like the others. She saw him for who he really was. She understood him in ways that even he could not comprehend. She was his perfect half.

Quote from “Abuse Is Never Justified: Realities of Change”

Well, that was before his friends started pointing out to him how she did not pick his calls at the first ring. How she almost always had an opinion about every subject that was discussed whenever they all hung out. How she was always bailing him out.

Funke’s family members and friends would always tell her that she was too opinionated for a woman; that she had to be mellow in order to make Solomon feel comfortable enough to marry her.

They would advice her to focus more on her physical looks, appearance and dressing. They would tell her that all her academic qualifications would end up in the kitchen.

Solomon really likes Funke but now, he wishes she could tone down a bit. He has confided in his friend, Tony, whose girlfriend, Ijeoma, is just as intelligent as Funke but she respects him as a man.

Tony has started giving Solomon tips on how to “tame” Funke. Solomon is slowly becoming an abuser…

This story is inspired by Pages 12 and 13 of “Abuse Is Never Justified: The Realities Of Change”. You can send an email or a WhatsApp Message to order your copy.

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